Rita Wittek

People Operations • HR • Project Management • Translations & Copywriting

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Hi, I'm Rita.

After working in several different jobs over the last few years trying to find my passion I had a revelation: my passion is not just one thing, it’s many different things!

Since realising this, my life became much easier. Because now, I can finally focus on the one thing I get excited about: making people happy by using the skills I have. I specialise in people operations, project management, translation (into German) and copywriting.

Past & present experience:
  • People Operations manager at start-up Homerun
  • Customer Success manager at start-up Usabilla
  • Vibe manager (Operations, HR & Recruitment) at tech start-up Wercker
  • Project manager at translation agency Wordhouse
  • Reservations, Sales & Events at Volkshotel
Some projects I worked on:
  • Co-creator of recipeboard.co. An easy way to index and categorize your recipes.
  • Translating the Usabilla Website into German. Usabilla: Der Standard in User Feedback.
  • Organising the closing night of developer conference CoreOS Fest 2016 sponsored by Wercker. The event was held in Berlin and attended by approx. 150 developers.
  • Organising companywide team building events and outings.
  • Setting up and maintaining Wercker's HR and recruitment department.
  • Organising and hosting monthly developer meetups.
About me

Living abroad at various points throughout my life has significantly influenced my upbringing. I firmly believe that studying, working and travelling in foreign countries are very mind-broadening experiences that have allowed me to acquire an array of desirable attributes such as a high proficiency in language skills as well as the mastery of essential social competencies. With strong communication skills, one of my greatest strengths is my ability to build relationships within and outside an organization.

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